Sport Fishing Leland Michigan Salmon Recipe

Sport fishing Leland Michigan can be a lot of fun for the whole family. Spending a day fishing on Lake Michigan is exciting. Catching a line screaming, rod bending, heart pounding salmon would seem to be enough for most anglers when charter fishing on Lake Michigan. However the fun of salmon doesn’t end with catching the salmon. When we return to the Leland Harbor our guests have the option to have their catch of fish cleaned and processed at Carlson’s Fishery. Carlson’s Fishery does a great job of processing  the fish that eventually will be great tasting table fair. You also have the option to have the fish prepared for you at The Leland Cove and The Leland Lodge restaurants. Many of our customers are like James. James and his family love to eat the fish that they catch. Salmon patties and salad are just one of James’ favorite:

3 plates of salmon patties and lettuce and vegetable salad on plates on the counter

Salmon patties and fresh salad for a tasty and healthy dinner.

James likes to vacuum pack his salmon fillets then freezes the packs of salmon to use later in the year. What can be better than having a delicious salmon and salad dinner that you caught on a summer time fishing charter. Better yet, having the opportunity to eat the salmon you caught in the summer for a mid winter dinner. James has provided the recipe for the salmon patties:

salmon patties recipe