Leland Fishing and Memorial Day Holiday

May 15th, 2022

We are halfway through May and the fishing is outstanding just about everywhere! The new boat has been out on a couple of trips with a lot of success. We were trolling for lake trout and notice a school in shallow water. We stopped the trolling, sent down the Minnkota with spot lock and jigged one to the boat. This new boat still has a couple items that will get installed soon and the wrap and pinstriping right after that. We have a fair amount of openings in June and July so please send us an email, text, or call. Fishtown Fishing is at its finest now through June for limit catches of lake trout near the Leland Harbor and Fishtown.

Memorial Day Weekend is less than two weeks away. I so look forward to the official kickoff to Summer. I know many will be in Leland and Fishtown for the holiday weekend. When you are in town, please take time to stop into The Fish Hook for new apparel and coolest shoes. If you need any supplies the Leland Mercantile will be sure to have. While on the docks in Fishtown while eating a sandwich from The Village Shanty Cheese Shop please stop by the Bead Hut and you are sure to get a big smile from Lisa as she continues to craft some interesting and good-looking jewelry. As always if you need fish for dinner go to Carlson’s Fishery if you want to cook it your self or stop into The Cove Restaurant and have them cook it for you, they both do a great job!

We definitely had some happy fisherman this past week! Take a look at the size and beauty of these fish.