Traverse City salmon for all ages

95 year old Barbara was out fishing for the second time in a month with her daughter Martha and son catching salmon on West Grand Traverse Bay

We at Reelin Leland Fishing Charters have had the pleasure of fishing with Barbara a few times. Barbara loves to fish for Salmon. We have had Barbara fishing out of the port of Leland and the port of Traverse City. In 2022 Barbara fished with Captain Dylan on the Leelanautical, our 27 foot Tiara, which is made for fishing on Lake Michigan.  Both times Barbara fished on West Grand Traverse Bay from Traverse City. The 2nd time she went out she had her daughter Martha and Son fishing with her. Oh, what a day they had! The King Salmon were big and fighting hard, just what Barbara wanted to see, hear and feel. The power of the King will draw anyone into the action once they first experience such reel screaming raw strength of the apex predator of the Great Lakes. We can’t say enough about how exciting fishing for salmon in Traverse City is. We are happy to share a day chasing and catching King Salmon with those young and old and young at heart. I know how Barbara feels. I get so excited every time I head out on the water. West Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City always seems to have a great sport fishery with a lot of King Salmon and Lake Trout to catch. We hope to see you on the Leelanautical in 2023.