Let the 2022 Fishing Season Begin

May 2022 is here and sport fishing on Lake Michigan is happening. As the water warms the entire food web seems to move to the shallow water. We have bait fish, minnows, bugs and lake trout and salmon all around. I have been taking the, LEELANAUT, the 2nd boat in our fleet, a 250 Alaskan Hewescraft, out fishing for the last month. I have been taking time to get to know her and all her state-of-the-art electronics. This boat is the real deal. She is versatile, safe, comfortable, quiet, fast, technologically advanced I and go on and on. You need to experience all she has to offer.

There are a couple items that still need to be installed in the next week or so and she needs to get her hull wrapped and pinstriped. So, she will be looking good and catching a lot of lake trout and salmon.

Here is a quick peek…I can’t wait to show her off once she is all done and ready.

We have a fair number of openings available and would love to show all who want to fish onboard the LEELANAUT, the outstanding fishing of the Manitou Passage.