Fishing Report

Fishing report May 20th & 21st


May sportfishing from the port of Leland out of Fishtown is a great time to go fishing. The food web is heating up and the fish are congregated on banks and flats in shallow water. King salmon are also in the area. If you are looking for a Great fishing experience, contact us now, we still have openings this Spring.


Saturday, May 20th we held off from fishing until after the rain and wind passed. We left the Leland Harbor at 1pm. We started fishing on the southern end of the “Playground”, an area near Leland that is a flat about 40 feet deep. We set up the port downrigger with the Dream Weaver 10-inch Spin Doctor Dragon Slayer with a chartreuse metallic white winged Spin N Glo with glow beads set 33 feet down set 50 feet behind the cannonball. This set up took 2 lake trout. The starboard downrigger had a Hammerhead set of #5 Lake Trout Killer cow bells with a pink luminous glow winged Spin and Glo with glow beads set at 35 feet down 50 feet behind the cannonball. This set up took 3 Lake Trout. We had a 6-color lead core with Stinger PK Special spoon on the port planer board and this took one Lake Trout. We had a custom made green and white spoon on the star board planer board that did not take any fish. After we boated the six Lake Trout, we moved to the shipping channel a set up for King Salmon. We were running all spoons on our planer boards and down riggers. On the Port side we had a custom modified moonshine spoon on the 5-color lead core and a Moonshine Flounder Pounder on the 7-color lead core, both set ups took Lake Trout, a double. As soon as those two Lake Trout were landed the port rigger set at 65 feet down and 60 feet behind the ball with a Stinger modified Blue Dolphin went screaming out pealing line off the spool and smoking the drag, yes it was a King Salmon. A nice 10-pound fish. The trip ended with another Lake Trout that took a custom green and white spoon got off behind the boat.


Sunday, May 21st we left Leland Harbor at 6am and headed out to the shipping channel. We set up all spoons on 6 planer boards, 2 downriggers and 2 wire dipsey diver rods. We trolled until 8am without a bite. We decided to pick up our lines and head to the “Playground”. We set up the same 4 rods as Saturday with the same baits in the same location. The Lake Trout fishing was fast and furious for one hour. Heading East in the middle of the “Playground” we went 13 for 14 in that hour. It was way too fast for me to remember exactly how many fish were taken on which bait. I believe the starboard downrigger had 7 of the bites and the other 7 were spread out between the other rods. We had a limit of Lake Trout and lost the 13th behind the boat.  We then set up for King Salmon and had a Lake Trout that came off behind the boat on a custom green and white spoon on the downrigger.


All in all, it was a GREAT weekend of fishing.

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