Family Fun Vacation Planning in Traverse City

I have found that in mid-January many people are enjoying the slower pace of life that typically comes during winter in Traverse City. However this is also a time when many families plan their summer vacation fun to northern Michigan. As Michigan is the Great Lakes state many families that plan to come to Northwest Michigan or Traverse City plan a charter fishing trip on West Grand Traverse Bay. Now a charter fishing trip from Traverse City on Traverse Bay is a great activity for just about everyone, especially those looking for family fun charter fishing. There is a gem of an attraction that is not so well known directly in the middle of West Grand Traverse Bay. This is Power Island. A Grand Traverse County Park. There is a lot of Michigan history associated with this park. I have provided just a little bit about past owners and the names of the island. In 1872, the Hall family of Ionia had purchased the island from its previous owners. The family disliked the name Hog Island, and opted to change it, honoring their youngest daughter with the new name Marion Island. At age 38, Marion Hall Fowler became the owner of the island herself. In 1917, Henry Ford bought the island from Hall, and thus changed the name again to Ford Island. Henry Ford reportedly brought close friends to vacation on his island, including Harvey S. Firestone, Thomas Edison, Babe Ruth, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, and Theodore Roosevelt. In 1944, the island was sold to the Rennies of the Rennie Oil Company and was thusly renamed to Rennie Island. In 1987, the island was given to Grand Traverse County, and became a public park. The island was named Power Island after Eugene Power, a Traverse City native and frequent visitor to the island.

The visitors keep going to Power Island every summer. While Reelin Leland is charter fishing for salmon and lake trout near the island we see campers hiking on the shore or leaving or returning to Power Island. So as families are planning a vacation to the Traverse City Area think about the adventures of fishing on a charter boat near an island that hosted so many famous Michiganders. Maybe even create your own adventure and get off the beaten path spend some time walking in the footsteps of legends of industry, baseball greats, and past presidents. For more information see